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En av Vestlandets største leverandører innen jakt og utstyr!
Ganzo FH71 brun
Ganzo FH71 brun

Ganzo FH71 brun

Produktnummer: FH71-BR På lager
Foldekniv med linerlock lås
Grep av brun G-10, med utstikkende tange for flipperfunksjon.
Blad i D2 verktøystål.
Lukket lengde 11,5 cm.
Vekt 98 gram.
Leveres med belteclip og fløyelspose.
Produsert i China.
Kr 435.00


Description of the knife Firebird FH71:
The well-known brand Firebird appeared on the market not so long ago. However, it managed to conquer a considerable number of knife lovers. Another folding EDC item named FH71 was represented to the buyers. The knife is available in four colors. Namely: gray, green, black and brown. The handle of the model has a specific bend for a more comfortable hold in the palm of your hand. On the handle, there are typical recesses. They give the novelty a certain aesthetics.
The handle is made of traditional G10, which gives it wear resistance, protection from high temperature, moisture, and resistance to damage. Also, this material, which is a glass fiber plastic, could be easily painted. It's rough to the touch. The knife is comfortable to hold in the palm of your hand, it neither moves nor slides. The product belongs to the category of so-called flippers.
The blade of the novelty is gray, the metal surface is smooth, the edge of the blade is of Drop Point type. This is a fairly common blade form of knives. Products with this type of edge of the blade are often used by hunters. They are convenient to cut, they are also good for stabbing. Stabbing work with the tool is particularly effective. As the basis of the blade is D2 steel, which is quite common among the knives of the brand. It is a high-quality, rust-resistant alloy, protected from the external environment. Products of this material are durable, reliable, and serve the owners for long.
The length of the knife reaches almost 20 centimeters, the length of the blade is 8.7 centimeters. The thickness of the blade 3.5 millimeters, the knife weighs 98 grams. A small and lightweight tool is useful for everyday use. It can be taken with you on hikes, trips, travel, as well as it could be useful at home in everyday life. All models of the Firebird brand are provided with remarkable mechanics. In addition, they have protective mechanisms that make their operation safe and comfortable. The knife is equipped with a metal clip. It tightly fixes the product, allowing you to fix it on your pocket, bag, backpack.
The knife could be optimally used for hunting and tourist purposes. You can also use it at home to solve everyday problems. It is a practical EDC item, very hard, durable, wear-resistant. Universal in practice. Small dimensions of the product allow you to carry it in your pocket. A small effective assistant is at hand at any time.
folding item-flipper;
the product weighs 98 grams;
the knife reaches 19.9 cm in length;
the blade length is 8.7 cm;
the blade is made of D2 steel;
the handle is made of G10;
the blade thickness is 3.5 mm;
the Drop Point shape edge of the blade.

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